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Nike Guide 10 Running Shoes

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The Nike Guide 10 shoes are part of Nike’s running shoe lineup designed to provide stability and support, particularly for runners who overpronate. Here’s a description of the Nike Guide 10 shoes:
  1. Stability and Support: The Nike Guide 10 is engineered with features aimed at correcting overpronation, a common issue where the foot rolls inward excessively during the running gait. This helps provide stability and support for runners with this biomechanical tendency.
  2. Design: The shoes typically feature a structured design with supportive overlays that help hold the foot in place. This design element aids in controlling excessive inward rolling of the foot and promotes a more efficient running stride.
  3. Midsole: They are equipped with dual-density foam in the midsole. This setup often includes firmer foam on the medial (inner) side of the shoe, which helps reduce pronation and guides the foot through a more natural motion.
  4. Cushioning: While focusing on stability, the Nike Guide 10 shoes also offer adequate cushioning to ensure comfort during runs. The midsole foam provides responsive cushioning that absorbs impact while still offering a supportive feel.
  5. Outsole: The outsole of the Nike Guide 10 typically features durable rubber with a pattern designed for traction and durability. This ensures reliable grip on various surfaces and enhances the longevity of the shoe.
  6. Fit: Nike Guide 10 shoes often have a secure lace-up closure system and a padded collar and tongue for a snug, comfortable fit. This helps prevent slippage inside the shoe and reduces the risk of discomfort during runs.
  7. Breathability: Mesh panels or breathable materials are often incorporated into the upper to enhance ventilation and keep the feet cool and dry during workouts.

Overall, the Nike Guide 10 shoes are geared towards runners who require stability features to support their foot mechanics. They combine supportive elements with cushioning to provide a balanced and comfortable running experience, making them suitable for daily training and longer runs where stability is key.

Color: White, Grey
Color Variation : Dual Shade
Quality: Semi UA Quality

QUALITY*:- 100% Assured Quality


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